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Nobl9 Poised for continued Success with New Funding and Flagship Platform

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Nobl9, a groundbreaking firm transforming the way companies measure and manage service-level objectives (SLOs), recently announced series B funding of $21 million and the general availability (GA) of its flagship SLO platform. With such tremendous successes, Nobl9 is in a prime position for continued growth and success.

The new wave of capital, led by Tiger Global Management with participation from D1 Capital Partners, will drive further innovation from the Nobl9 team. By further developing their technology stack, expanding into international markets, and increasing their presence across industries ranging from telecommunications to financial services, Nobl9 is poised for massive growth.

Nobl9’s flagship platform continues to provide customers with novel approaches on measuring, monitoring and managing SLOs to ensure business success. This exciting news comes soon after their launch of version 1.0 which featured user-friendly definitions that help customers detect anomalies faster than ever before. In addition, their GA launch considers customer feedback by introducing dynamic alerting so users can quickly see changes in performance and take immediate action when needed via integrations with popular notification tools like Slack and PagerDuty. All features contribute to creating a suite of advanced technologies making up an integrated SLO success fabric benefiting customers and businesses.

Nobl9 Secures $21 Million in Series B Funding; Flagship SLO Platform Enters GA

Nobl9 is an up and coming software engineering platform that provides a rapid, reliable, and secure way of designing, building, and maintaining applications. Founded in 2019, Nobl9 raised $21 million in Series B funding and launched its flagship platform, SLO, into General Availability. It seeks to empower enterprises by providing a platform that is easy to use and tailored to customers’ needs.

This article will discuss the company, its key developments, and its future prospects.

Company Background

Nobl9 is a software company founded in 2016 and headquartered in New York, United States. It develops software solutions that help organisations to keep their applications running smoothly and securely.

nobl9 service objectives 21m series crvlardinoistechcrunch

Nobl9 focuses on Automated Idea-to-Production SLOs (service level objectives) that enable organisations to make measurable progress in scaling up their production operations. With its automated platform it is possible to continually track business objectives in order to deliver enhanced user experiences and better IT operations visibility.

Previously known as Freshtroops, the company rebranded its name to Nobl9 in July 2020 with the launch of its flagship SLO Platform. Nobl 9’s platform enables agile service delivery through automating applications’ monitoring, tracking, and enforcing of Service Level Objectives (SLOs). Its further capabilities include root cause analysis, live alert management, historical trend analysis and anomaly detection for smoother operation of apps throughout their lifecycles.

The dramatic increase of active users since COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the company’s tremendous growth. In December 2020, Nobl 9 secured a $21 million Series B funding round led by Bessemer Venture Partners with participation from existing investors including the Social Leverage venture capital firm and new investors Mango Capital and SIG Asia Investments. This additional capital support will allow the company to further invest into its products such as SLO response centre platform, which entered General Availability earlier this year.

Products and Services

Nobl9 is an industry-leading software company helping organisations manage and optimise application lifecycle performance. With its flagship platform, SLO™, and a suite of products and services, Nobl9 helps customers simplify program management by using automated solutions to continuously optimise their applications.

At the beginning of 2021, Nobl9 secured $21 million in Series B funding from investors such as Felicis Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. This new investment has allowed the company to expand its product portfolio and further boost its customer support capabilities with predictive analytics solutions.

The company’s flagship SLO Platform is now available in general availability (GA), providing customers with deeper insights into application performance while simplifying service-level objectives (SLOs) management. The platform enables users to set goals around SLOs based on customer feedback or business needs, receive recommendations on achieving those goals quickly, monitor progress in real time, and identify root causes of potential issues before they become a problem.

Nobl9 provides a variety of products and services to a range of businesses including:

  • ITSM Software: Nobl9’s IT service management (ITSM) solutions bridge the gap between coding & maintenance strategies when it comes to application development & monitoring
  • Monitoring Solutions: Nobl9 offers monitoring solutions for customers who need detailed performance reporting for better understanding user behaviour & ROI
  • Analytics Services: The company’s advanced analytics services provide customizable dashboards that give customers insight into all aspects of their business operations
  • Consulting Services: Seminars & workshops from the experts at Nobl9 allow businesses to get technical advice from experienced professionals on how best to use their software solutions

Nobl9 Secures Series B Funding

Nobl9 is thrilled to announce a secured $21 million Series B funding, propelling the company to accelerated growth.

This new funding will fuel the continued development of their flagship SLO platform that has recently entered General Availability. The platform provides an intuitive and automated solution for managing and defining business service levels, helping companies transform their customer experience.

Overview of Funding Round

Nobl9, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider focused on achieving enterprise service level objectives (SLOs), has announced the successful completion of a $21 million Series B funding round. Invitation management software provider Khoros and Alsop Louie Partners were lead investors, with Tipalti and Neptune Ventures also participating in the round.

This new investment will help Nobl9 expand their flagship platform, which focuses on helping enterprises meet SLO performance goals more easily and efficiently. For example, the platform helped increase customer satisfaction scores by up to 32% for those using it during its public beta period. In addition, this new cash infusion will ensure Nobl9 can support further product improvements and provide better customer support and increased scalability of their SLO platform for more global customers.

The funding will also enable Nobl9 to grow their team of engineers and enterprise success managers to support customers in optimizing their SLO performance at an unprecedented scale.

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CEO Rohail Khan said, “this additional capital allows us to scale our footprint globally while driving usage of​ ​Nobl9’s​ ​SLO​ ​Platform​ ​and expanding our portfolio of solutions.”

The Series B funding is ideal for the company’s global expansion plans, as they anticipate entering general availability (GA) with their platform early next year. With new investments from influential investors, industry experience, and increased product development capital in place, this round of funding is expected to give Nobl9 the resources they need to succeed going forward and advance their SLO solution capabilities even further.

Impact of Funding

Nobl9, a leader in platform solutions for software and cloud operations, announced today that it has secured $21 million in Series B funding. This brings the total funding of Nobl9 to $30 million, and positions the company at the forefront of innovation in fast-growing areas such as software reliability engineering.

The raised funds will bolster product research and development efforts, and grow their global team. In addition, the company plans to leverage the resources to continue delivering reliable software services by aligning customers with their Service Level Objectives (SLO).

The Series B investment validates Nobl9’s recent launch of its flagship platform – SLO Platform – which entered general availability earlier this year. With SLO Platform, customers can now design clear objectives for their software teams; optimise resource allocation; manage risks associated with technology change; measure progress against their SLOs; dynamically adjust applications based on customer needs; analyse performance data across systems; detect performance anomalies early on, and catch discrepancies before becoming an issue for end-users.

With backing from prominent venture capital firms that believe that achieving reliable service levels is essential for success, Nobl9 is well poised for continued success in 2021 and beyond.

Nobl9 Launches Flagship SLO Platform

Nobl9 recently secured $21 Million in Series B funding, which is set to fuel the acceleration of the development of their flagship Service Level Objective (SLO) platform. This platform was built to provide customers with a real-time view of the application experience, and it is now entering General Availability (GA).

Now, let’s take a closer look at the features of the Nobl9 Support SLO Platform, and how it is poised to accelerate the company’s continued success.

Overview of SLO Platform

Nobl9 recently launched its flagship Software-Level Optimization (SLO) platform, marking its entrance into the General Availability (GA) market. The SLO platform is the first of its kind, utilising the latest software technologies to allow businesses to optimise operations and performance. As a result, it ensures an improved customer experience and more efficient utilisation of resources.

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The SLO platform enables businesses to identify, manage and optimise their service level objectives (SLOs) in real-time. The SLOs govern application behaviour; optimising for performance metrics such as latency, availability, throughput and cost optimization in production across hybrid environments – cloud or on-premise. This makes it easy for teams to maintain high performance throughout their entire application stack, from running queries at scale on large databases to scaling distributed systems globally.

The flagship product also has a comprehensive suite of tools including an AI-powered policy engine, an intuitive user interface, advanced alerting capabilities and robust analytics capabilities. This combination allows businesses to easily define custom SLOs that meet their needs while providing performance visibility through historical context, trends over time and comparisons against benchmark ranges.

In addition to launching its new product offering, Nobl9 secured $21 million in Series B funding earlier this year—allowing them to further accelerate the development of their innovative technology solutions.

Benefits of SLO Platform

Nobl9 has officially launched their flagship SLO (Service Level Objectives) Platform. The platform was built to enable engineers and developers operating in DevOps environments faster incident resolution, with real-time insights into service level performance. With this new platform, users can configure and monitor SLOs from a single dashboard, quickly isolating the cause of service outages or degradations and measuring performance across teams and regions.

The benefits of the SLO Platform are numerous for developers working in DevOps environments. The first advantage is its ability to provide proactive alerting. Armed with a predictive view into future SLOs, users can plan ahead and take preventative measures or short term corrective actions before a service outage occurs. This real-time visibility also helps teams spread awareness across their organisation to easily coordinate their actions to resolve an issue quickly when it does occur.

Other advantages of the SLO Platform include its scalability capabilities, cloud agnostic architecture, multi-tenancy support, and customizable dashboards aiding in communication between stakeholders, including customers and engineering teams/groups. Additionally, it possesses intelligent agent technology affording both greater precision when targeting issues and faster response time during demining incidents. Nobl9’s flagship product offers countless features ensuring superior service quality through the ability to visually monitor progress with real-time analysis and alerting capabilities allowing for ongoing improvement efforts towards your customization goals.