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Ticketed Spaces is currently in beta, and Twitter is working on making improvements.

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Twitter is excited to announce that Ticketed Spaces, its new feature to host conversations and events, is now available in beta. The feature is currently available to Twitter users on Android devices in the United States. This update represents Twitter’s continued focus on creating healthy conversations and providing ways for people to use the platform for meaningful interactions.

Ticketed Spaces allows users to create private events where hosts can decide who can join, regulate the conversation and monetize their events through ticket fees. This feature allows people to come together safely and securely, from a virtual book club with friends to an online movie night for family. In addition, the ticket fees from these events will also help support creators by allowing them to earn money from their content.

Hosts can collect payment up-front when inviting attendees or charge-as-you-go before each event begins. They will also have the ability specify whether they would like their event publicly listed or remain private among their invitees only.

At this time, users are unable to participate in Ticketed Spaces using iOS devices or outside of U.S.-based accounts but it’s something that Twitter is actively working on improving so stay tuned!

Twitter is bringing Ticketed Spaces to Android users in the US

Ticketed Spaces is a new feature from Twitter that provides an opportunity for conversations around events and other experiences to be monetized. Through this feature, businesses and creators can now sell tickets to “spaces” on the platform, including virtual events and unique experiences with their favourite personalities. These tickets can be purchased directly in the Twitter app, and the funds are collected through Stripe payments processing.

For those organising events or experiences with Ticketed Spaces, all audiences can be invited to join the space, such as a small group of friends or company colleagues, to larger public events. Hosts are responsible for setting ticket prices that cover the cost of running their event or experience and also earning revenue if desired. Ticket holders have access to exclusive content for their purchase period, which will end once the host closed the ticket sales window before the start of their event.

twitter spaces android ios augustmaliktechcrunch

At this time, Ticketed Spaces is only available in beta on iOS in countries where Stripe is available — including in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France Germany Italy Ireland Netherlands Portugal Spain Sweden United Kingdom & United States. However Twitter has announced they are working on bringing it to Android users in the US soon!

Benefits of Ticketed Spaces

Twitter is introducing Ticketed Spaces to reach a larger global audience. Ticketed Spaces offers various benefits to its users, including the ability to join conversations quickly, the flexibility of hosting sessions in different languages, and providing an opportunity for deeper engagements with their communities.

For creators, one of the greatest benefits is monetization – through ticketing. Creators can make money from their Ticketed Space crowd sizes while enjoying additional features such as creating polls and Q&A sessions. In addition, hosts can now offer virtual meet-ups and quickly spread the word via social media since Tickets are conveniently tracked within Twitter. This lets people see when a session has been posted or updated on their Twitter feed.

Finally, Twitter is bringing Ticketed Spaces to Android users in the US — making it accessible to millions worldwide who rely on Android devices as their primary form of technology access. This means that anyone with an Android device and a US connection can now explore all that Ticketed Spaces offers at their convenience!

How Ticketed Spaces Works

Twitter is bringing Ticketed Spaces to Android users in the United States as it expands its beta program to deliver a new online experience. With Ticketed Spaces, businesses and creators can host virtual events, including paid and free events.

twitter spaces us ios augustmaliktechcrunch

Users who join a Space can interact with the host and each other using emojis, reactions, text chats and videos with up to 10 people at a time. Hosts can choose whether members can request to join or require approval by the host before joining any Space. In addition, paid event hosts can set an admission price for each event they create and earn revenue via Stripe as users purchase tickets.

Ticketed Spaces also comes with tools that enable hosts to moderate their virtual gathering. For example, moderators can mute audio from participants, remove someone from Space or hide specific messages from other event attendees.

With this launch of Ticketed Spaces for Android in the US, Twitter is progressing towards providing an engaging virtual hosting experience for business owners and creators on its platform. Users can now attend virtually hosted events regardless of where they are located – all while continuing their conversation on Twitter’s network platform.

Twitter’s Plans for Ticketed Spaces

Twitter’s Ticketed Spaces feature is now available to Android users in the United States. This feature provides a platform for users to easily create and manage virtual meetings, events, and more.

Ticketed Spaces is still in the beta stage, but Twitter is working on making improvements to ensure a smooth experience for users.

In this article, we’ll look at what Twitter has planned for Ticketed Spaces in the future.

Expansion to Android Users in the US

As part of its ongoing efforts to bring Ticketed Spaces to the Twitter platform, the company is now working on expanding the new feature to Android users in the United States.

With Ticketed Spaces, content creators and event organisers can host interactive events and experiences with their audiences using voice or video. By utilising this feature on mobile platforms, creators can reach wider audiences. In addition, those who choose to use this feature can set up ticketed events and accept payments directly from their followers.

twitter ticketed spaces ios augustmaliktechcrunch

The Android version of Ticketed Spaces is in beta and available for testing with a select handful of US-based Twitter users. From here, they will continue refining the ticketing process and look forward to opening it up more broadly across all US-based Android devices. Additionally, the company plans to bring Ticketed Spaces worldwide by rolling out direct payments beyond Stripe later this year.

Improvements being made by Twitter

Twitter is committed to providing users a seamless experience in its Ticketed Spaces. The company is continuing to work on improving user experience and will be releasing several upgrades over the next few months. These improvements include:

• Enhanced mobile ticketing within the Twitter app through Android devices in the United States: This will enable event organisers to create, discover, promote and sell tickets to their events more easily through Twitter’s Ticketed Spaces page.

• Improved ticket-buyer search capabilities: Twitter has expanded its AI-driven ticket search capabilities, making it easier for users to discover new events and determine their eligibility for purchasing a ticket before committing to buy.

• Expanded access for Ticketed Spaces for Twitter Creators in Europe, Middle East and Africa: As part of this update, creators can host virtual events with participants from any country within Europe, Middle East and Africa using tools from Ticketed Spaces.

• Global 24/7 customer support: Getting assistance with tickets or creating an event should be easier than ever due to new 24/7 customer support spanning 54 countries across 28 languages.

These updates are designed to help set up events through Ticketed Spaces faster and more efficient while also providing options more tailored specifically toward creators operating within these regions.