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How Vivun’s investment will help businesses digitize pre-sales

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Vivun, a San Francisco-based startup, just got a $75M investment to help businesses digitise pre-sales activities.

Vivun aims to make it easier for organisations to quickly and accurately assess the customer needs and quickly assess the most cost effective way to address them. This means businesses no longer rely on manual processes and outdated customer experience and sales tools.

Let’s dive in and see how Vivun’s investment will help businesses digitise pre-sales activities.

Vivun is digitizing pre-sales, and just got $75M in new investment

Viviun is a leading technology platform that helps businesses digitise pre-sales activities and services. Pre-sales includes sales processes such as lead management, customer relationship building, quoting and pricing of goods, product and service activation, etc. The company was founded in 2016 to develop a smarter pre-sales software solution for customers worldwide.

To this end Vivun just secured $75 million in new investment funding to increase the speed of product innovation and technical development and advance its goal of becoming the global leader in this industry. This increased capital will enable Viviun to grow aggressively by developing cutting edge products that meet customer needs more efficiently than ever before. Additionally, Vivun is already a trusted partner in dozens of countries worldwide and plans to continue expanding rapidly throughout the globe.

What is Vivun’s mission

Viviun is a cloud-based platform that helps business-to-business (B2B) companies increase their pre-sales performance and accelerate customer success operations. Launched in 2020, the company has recently secured $75 million in funding from venture capital firms to invest more heavily in this mission.

The goal of Vivun’s platform is to digitise the customer success process and make it easier for businesses to quickly onboard, evaluate and interact with new customers, deliver timely service updates and access data on customer health. With its cloud-based platform, Vivun helps users streamline the customer lifecycle processes, automate routine tasks and predictive programs for customer engagement, drive sales conversions with onboarding insights; collect customer feedback; deliver personalised experiences, promotional offers and marketing campaigns; increase customer loyalty & satisfaction through successful omnichannel campaigns; optimise post-purchase assistance; ensure transparency between teams & departments by providing data visibility across all channels (e.g., web app, mobile app); develop targeted strategies & plans based on customers’ behaviours & profiles.

In addition to accessing all of these features through its platform, Vivun also provides AI-powered services within its software that enable teams to track activities across customers’ lifecycles in real time while monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) throughout every stage of their journey.

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Through their suite of tools, Vivun aims to provide businesses with a single framework for digitising pre-sales operations at scale to reach more leads in fewer touches and save time for customers during the followup process.

Vivun’s Investment

Vivun, a company specialising in helping businesses digitize pre-sales, just received $75M in new investment. This will enable businesses to tackle digital transformation even faster and with more resources to access.

The new investment will help them to accelerate their product roadmap and expand their capabilities. So let’s look at what this new investment means for businesses.

Overview of the investment

Vivun, an Israeli startup focused on helping businesses better structure and organise their pre-sales activities, has just received $75 million in a new investment round. This investment will help Vivun create more business value and accelerate its mission of digitising the pre-sales process.

Numerous benefits and opportunities associated with digitising pre-sales provide increased access to higher quality data and insights on customers. These include improved visibility into customers’ overall buying journey, streamlined design of sales cycles, automated assessment of sales team performance, and faster operational processes for managing quotes, contracts and other order paperwork.

In addition, Vivun’s newly obtained funds will enable the company to expand its technology stack to provide the best customer experience possible at every stage of the customer’s lifecycle from prospecting through conversion. Vivun plans to use these funds to build an even more powerful platform with innovative technologies for effective customer engagement.

The key takeaway from Vivun’s recent investment is that businesses are increasingly looking for ways to digitise their process to remain competitive and increase efficiency in the sales department. With this considerable injection of capital behind them, there is no doubt that Vivun is well positioned to capitalise on this momentum and become a major player in the digital transformation space.

How the investment will help businesses

Vivun, a software company that helps businesses digitise their pre-sales processes, has announced a $75M Series B investment. With the injection of new funds, Viviun CEO Billy Tancowny has stated that the infusion of additional capital will bolster the software’s ability to help businesses digitise their pre-sales processes.

Vivun plans to use the funds for scaling its platform for a wide range of business needs. This includes expanding marketing and sales automation features, customer service and support, document management, and data analysis. By addressing these areas, Vivun believes it can provide an integrated system for companies to manage their pre-sales processes more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The new investment round follows two previous rounds of funding raised in 2017 and 2019. With this new influx of capital, Vivun is well positioned for growth. It enters 2021 with a strong foundation to expand its product offerings to help more businesses shift towards digital operations in 2021.

Benefits of Digitising Pre-Sales

Vivun, a company digitising pre-sales processes, recently obtained $75M in new investment. With this new capital injection, Vivun is well-positioned to help more businesses reap the benefits of digitising pre-sales.

This article will discuss how digitising pre-sales can help businesses and the impact Vivun’s investment can have.

Increased efficiency

Using Vivun’s software suite can significantly increase the efficiency and speed of pre-sales departments. With Vivun’s programs, sales professionals can access a centralised hub to track customer activity, manage commissions, maintain records, and track interactions such as calls, emails and meetings. This will allow them to quickly identify potential leads and make sales decisions quicker.

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Vivun also helps increase accuracy by automating certain processes such as commission calculation and creating a comprehensive view of customer interaction data that provides insights into the most successful areas for conversions. This data allows for more focused strategies to be implemented to maximise the effectiveness of campaigns and better measure the ROI of each sales effort.

Finally, digitising pre-sales with Viviun simplifies communication between stakeholders by providing easy-to-use tools for sharing project updates and collaborating remotely with customers or colleagues from other departments. Managers can also assign tasks such as customer follow-up or orders more easily since all activities are stored in one centralised system. As a result, teams will have an easier time coordinating efforts across locations or countries.

Improved customer experience

Digitising pre-sales processes with Vivun’s platform enables companies to offer customers an improved, streamlined experience. Customers can fill out their forms and records, collaborate on deals more effectively, and gain insights through Vivun’s predictive analytics capabilities. All of this is possible through Vivun’s versatile platform, which allows users to customise it to their needs.

Customer service agents can access data quickly and easily, reducing the time required for customer interactions. Agents can quickly provide personalised responses backed by data-driven insights. Automation and integrations further reduce the time required for customers interactions. In contrast, ensuring users are given the most up-to-date information as they create or update new records.

Vivun also offers a mobile platform which allows customers to access products from virtually anywhere in the world at any time of day or night. This increases customer convenience and reach for companies that use it, allowing them to engage customers in a much larger array of markets and demographics than ever before possible. Additionally, Vivun’s $75M investment will allow them to continue innovating their product and remain on the forefront of pre-sale process digitization—making customer experiences even better in the future!

Reduced costs

Viviun is a leading provider of digital pre-sales products, transforming how businesses collaborate in the sales process. This year, Vivun secured an additional $75M for investment in digitising pre-sales processes. With this support, companies can leverage the latest technologies to modernise their sales practices and significantly reduce costs associated with the sales process.

For example, leveraging Vivun’s technological solutions could create marked cost savings when considering time spent on manual document handling and routing tasks. With Vivun’s assistance, organisations can facilitate paperless data capture, streamlined collaboration between employees and customers alike, automated routing of documents, increased accuracy through verification steps which reduce errors, and improved collaboration across multiple teams. Such efficiencies will free up more time to focus on high-value activities such as tailoring services to individual customer’s needs or increasing sales performance by targeting larger customers with more lucrative deals.

Bottom line: Digitising pre-sales with Vivun significantly reduces costs associated with traditional sale processes while freeing up time for higher value activities and improving customer satisfaction.

Vivun’s Solutions

Vivun has recently received a $75M investment, enabling them to continue to make strides in simplifying and digitising pre-sales.

Vivun’s solutions are designed to make the pre-sales process smoother, faster, and more efficient for businesses of all sizes.

Let’s explore some of the solutions that Viviun offers and how they can help businesses digitise pre-sales.

Vivun’s AI-powered platform

Vivun, the Boston- based startup, is helping businesses digitise pre-sales by offering an AI-powered platform. The company just announced that it has raised $75M in series D funding round backed by Global Founders Capital and Tiger Global Management, with the latest funds going towards expanding its customer base and accelerating product development.

Vivun’s platform uses artificial intelligence to provide users with an end-to-end process for pre-sales and customer experience automation.

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This includes features such as automated setup and onboarding, recommendations for next best actions, lead scoring, chatbots to support customers,and research into target markets. Vivun’s easy-to-use dashboard also provides analytics to measure performance and help identify optimization opportunities.

These enhancements mean that companies can now accurately customise the customer experience to meet individual needs while considering wider trends in buying behaviour or Pain Point™ opportunities— creating a personal journey that ensures each customer always gets the best version of what they are looking for. In addition, by streamlining pre-sales processes with minimal manual intervention, companies can reduce cost while improving efficiency across their entire sales funnel— driving revenue growth and enabling scalability at speed unseen before in the industry.

Vivun’s data-driven insights

Vivun, an AI-driven insights platform for B2B sales and marketing, recently announced $75M in new funding. This will enable them to further develop their insights-driven products to help businesses digitize pre-sales. The company’s AI-powered solutions provide data-driven visibility and guidance into customer insights, which helps organisations better understand customer pain points, inform product development decisions, and evaluate the success of customer engagement.

Vivun’s technology combines predictive analytics with real-time business data to generate actionable insights about the customer experience. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), Vivun can quickly uncover important customer insights that may have previously stayed hidden due to manual reporting and analysis restrictions. These data-driven insights can vastly improve decision making across the board while helping organisations optimise their customer experience at scale.

The latest investment will help Vivun optimise their solutions even further by developing new tool suites tailored specifically for pre-sales teams and departments looking to maximise effectiveness during earlier stages of the sale process. This allows organisations to remove reliance on manual processes, significantly reduce average sales cycles, and boost overall profit margins.