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Vivun’s unique approach to solving the B2B selling problem

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Vivun has developed a unique, innovative approach to solve the B2B selling problem. By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, they have created a comprehensive software platform to help companies improve their sales process.

Vivun’s technological advancements have recently attracted major investors and have led to a new $75M Series C funding round.

This article will provide an overview of Vivun’s offerings and successes.

Vivun Raises $75M Series C to Transform B2B Selling as We Know it

Vivun is determined to reshape the traditional B2B sales landscape with its revolutionary technology-driven approach. Innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provide deep insights about customer behaviour and needs. With deep analytics, prescriptive insights, and personalised dashboards, Vivun enables reps to drive more wins and higher margins. In addition, its powerful AI platform supports seamless integrations between CRM and analytics systems, eliminating manual data entry steps for sales teams and freeing time to focus on income-generating activities.

Thanks to this unique approach, Vivun has attracted considerable interest from investors and buyers alike. As a result, the company recently raised USD 75 million in Series C funding from well-known venture capital firms to help shape the future of B2B selling. Using the funds, Vivun plans to continue developing its existing features while introducing new ones – such as AI-driven customer segmentation tools – to take their offerings even further. Additionally, it seeks strategic partnerships with other industry players to expand into more global markets.

Vivun’s customers profit from improved collaboration between departments such as Sales, Marketing and Customer Success, ultimately leading to a higher close rate & increased revenue per sale while offering a better customer experience. Vivun’s ultimate mission is clear: revolutionise how businesses are sold by taking the complexity out of B2B sales process and equipping sales professionals with the data they need when they need it most – at every stage of the buying journey – via an easy-to-use yet powerful platform accessible from anywhere at any time on any device.

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Summary of Vivun’s Series C fundraise

Vivun, a leading AI-powered growth enablement platform, has raised $75 million in their latest Series C funding round to accelerate their mission of transforming the B2B sales landscape.

The Silicon Valley based company provides intelligent, conversational experiences and embeddable sales tools for sales reps and customer-facing teams. Their disruptive approach to B2B selling is at the forefront of the digital transformation in enterprise tech.

The proceeds from the fundraise will accelerate product development and expand Vivun’s global footprint through international expansion initiatives. The influx of capital will also fuel their aggressive plans to become a one-stop shop for modern B2B selling – furthering their ability to drive digital transformation within organisations by leveraging AI and machine learning technologies.

As an impressive reflection of investor confidence, this new round was significantly oversubscribed, with participation from leading venture capitalists such as Lightspeed Ventures and General Catalyst. In addition, Viviun CEO Mamoon Hamid noted how five ‘unicorn’ companies participated in the round as strategic investors— reinforcing its position as a frontrunner of enterprise growth enablement technology.

Vivun’s Background

Viviun is a Palo Alto-based software company founded in 2018. Its mission is to revolutionise B2B selling by combining online collaboration, analytics, and AI. Recently, the company has raised a $75 million Series C round to continue its mission of transforming B2B selling as we know it.

Let’s take a look at how Vivun’s unique approach is set to accomplish this.

Overview of Vivun’s history

Viviun is a technology company that has developed an AI and automation platform for Sales, Marketing, and Service applications for B2B businesses. Founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs Blake Bartlett, Dan Daugherty and Ben Smith, Vivun has quickly become one of the leading players in this space. The company has raised more than $75 million to date from top investors including Sequoia Capital, Threshold Ventures, and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Viviun launched to transform how B2B sales teams are traditionally managed. It provides enterprises with a comprehensive suite of tools to help optimise sales activities such as lead scoring, forecasting and process automation. As a result, the company’s innovative platform helps close deals faster, leading to higher conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs than traditional selling methods.

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The team at Vivun believes that AI-driven insights should be available to all companies so they can make better decisions throughout their customer journey. Their goal is to be the go-to AI partner for businesses looking to accelerate growth and improve efficiency by optimising sales performance at every stage of the funnel.

With its Series C funding round coming on the heels of rapid growth in 2020 due in part to growing industry demand for Sales engagement solutions combined with smart SaaS investments from major tech firms like Adobe and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Vivun is poised to continue its trajectory into 2021 and beyond.

Vivun’s mission and vision

Viviun is an innovative sales execution platform that combines data-driven insights with team collaboration to help B2B teams sell smarter and faster. Our mission is to empower sales teams across industries to drive growth by helping them rapidly identify, understand and engage customers.

Our vision at Viviun is to transform the way B2B selling works. We believe salespeople need powerful tools that combine data-driven insights, centralised team collaboration, and automation of processes – all in one place. Our product helps sales teams make decisions quickly, align efficiently on strategies, and execute their plans rapidly and accurately.

We have developed a flexible technology platform so our customers can tailor the experience they need while remaining future proofed in their approach to sales excellence. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology in our platform, we are transforming how salespeople source leads and make recommendations in real-time, giving them a chance to keep up with the rapid changes millennials make in buying decisions today.

At Viviun we don’t just believe it’s about having the best technology; it’s about equipping people with the insights they need all within one unified workflow – from initial prospecting to accounts management – to optimise their efforts in driving growth for their company or organisation. With this Series C funding round of $75M, Vivun continues its commitment to creating intelligent technologies that empower organisations worldwide to own an agile selling experience that empowers its customers to make better decisions quickly — Faster Together!

Vivun’s Solution

Vivun’s solution to transform B2B selling is based on its innovative approach of using data and analytics to make the process of B2B selling more efficient and effective.

Its Series C funding of $75M will help it expand its capabilities and improve its solution further.

In this article, let’s explore the details behind Vivun’s solution and understand why it’s set to become the go-to platform for B2B sales.

Overview of Vivun’s platform

Viviun is a cloud B2B selling platform based in San Francisco, California. The company’s mission is to modernise the way businesses sell products and services with leading intelligent technologies. Vivun’s technology platform, designed for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and enterprise clients, is an end-to-end sales solution. It helps businesses increase their sales efficiency and velocity, by accelerating the early stages of their pipeline, automating the sales process, and improving customer experience.

Vivun’s platform integrates seamlessly into existing sales processes and eliminates manual activities while simplifying tasks that can be automated or delegated to specialised team members. The platform comprises four main components – partnerships & integrations, analytics & insights, marketing automation & lead scoring, and seller enablement & client onboarding.

The partnership feature enables Viviun to partner with other leading B2B companies such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) or Salesforce (CRM) or integrate with platforms like LinkedIn Navigator or LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional (LSP). The analytics feature allows users to analyse their customers’ past interactions with Viviun products providing insights about what works best for them and enabling data-driven decision making.

Marketing automation capabilities within Vivun integrate powerful marketing tools such as emailing automation to help promote leads capture consumer behaviour data delivering contextual content at optimal times in the consumer journey contributing to higher conversion rates in opportunities won through improved customer experiences. Finally with seller enablement focused on helping users increase their sales efficiency and velocity while simplifying daily tasks that can be automated such as managing contacts prioritisation of prospects follow up appointments tailored sales messaging etc., thus giving them more time to focus on the “bigger picture” of closing deals faster better ways particularly catering towards ‘remote first’ collaboration approaches applying more virtual engagement over face–to–face interaction methods due to Covid–19 wellness precautions etc..

Overall Vivun provides a comprehensive suite of features that equip B2B organisations across all industries make smarter decisions boost productivity enhance communications workflows reduce risks support regulatory compliance safeguard data security streamline processes improve customer unparluence attainment growth goals etc..

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Vivun’s features and capabilities

Viviun is a cloud-based Intelligence platform that helps organisations to build, reimagine and modernise their B2B selling infrastructure and processes. Vivun leverages the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to uncover insights that allow sales reps to understand customer buying journeys better and identify key opportunities. The platform helps optimise sales by providing automation, personalization, insights and intelligence across the company’s go-to-market strategy.

With its features, capabilities and integrations, Vivun empowers business users with actionable data and insights that improve their growth strategy while helping them remain ahead of the competition. Based on customer feedback, here are some of Vivun’s main features:

1. Intuitive Analytics Dashboard – Enables users to visualize their data comprehensively with interactive charts & graphs for rapid analysis or reporting.

2. Automated Stories & Insights – AI powered programs generate automated stories that showcase relevant trends in customer journeys for greater context into customer behaviour patterns .

3. Multi-Channel Intelligence – Comprehensive coverage across multiple channels including social media, text messages, emails & web visits.

4. Advanced Segmentation & Targeting – AI driven segmentation engine allows for accurate targeting based on customers’ needs & behaviour patterns for improved campaign effectiveness .

5. Multi-Layer Cost Efficiency Model – Helps vendors to model investment costs towards prospective customers so that they can track progress against available budget resources over time . This feature ensures greater bid-winning outcomes while keeping investor returns top of mind . Furthermore , the machine learning algorithms work together seamlessly to minimise uncertainty while boosting competitiveness within target markets .

6. Auto Classification API – Leverages supervised machine learning models within select industries like retail , food services , manufacturing etc , to auto classify leads as prospects or existing customers to keep one database updated real time when it comes to new customers tracking down or existing sales funnel deepening opportunities.

Vivun’s Impact

Vivun’s innovative approach to the B2B selling process has the potential to revolutionise how companies do business. The recent influx of $75M in Series C funding from notable investors is testament to their unique approach to the B2B problem.

Let’s explore how Vivun is changing the way companies sell their products and services, and what the long-term implications of their success might be.

Vivun’s impact on B2B sales

Vivun has emerged as one of the leading players in the B2B sales technology space, with its ground-breaking approach to revolutionising how companies conduct business. By combining machine learning with predictive analytics, Vivun has created a solution for modern B2B sales teams that can help them identify opportunities, close deals, and increase revenue.

Vivun claims to have solved the problems that previous solutions had failed to address – lack of visibility, standardisation and simplification. Its tool suite gives teams increased control over the customer experience, from day one through closing. With Viviun, users have access to real-time data that allows sales teams to better understand their prospects, optimise for success and increase speed and efficiency in their operations.

In addition to speeding up traditional sales processes like pipeline management and forecasting, Vivun also provides an end-to-end customer experience platform that allows users to deliver personalised experiences at every touchpoint throughout their business journey. This includes optimising online forms to quickly capture lead data; creating automated marketing campaigns; delivering personalised product recommendations; and providing detailed segmentation capabilities. Additionally, Vivun integrates with existing CRM software so customers can maintain consistency across multiple systems while improving collaboration among different departments and teams within an organisation.

With new support from its $75M Series C funding round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Vivun is poised to further revolutionise how B2B deals are closed by investing in new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision (CV). AI will facilitate improved predictions and offer unprecedented insights into customer behaviour. In contrast, CV will enhance automated processes by accurately recognizing objects in images or videos and extracting relevant information from them. These advancements will open up possibilities for previously unimaginable innovations in B2B sales that can elevate better outcomes for global businesses everywhere.

Vivun’s customer success stories

Vivun has been disrupting the B2B sales experience with its innovative technology. Customers who have implemented Viviun tools report increased sales efficiency, sales effectiveness, and better customer engagement.

For example, one customer witnessed a 51% higher conversion rate of leads to customers and a 100% improvement in response time on their sales opportunities. Additionally, they reported a 200% better forecast accuracy than before they adopted Vivun’s approach. Another customer experienced high success by leveraging Vivun’s data-capturing capabilities to generate up to 30x more targeted content for buyers’ various stages of the buying journey. This resulted in a 7% increase in incremental revenue and 5x faster close rates.

These successes demonstrate Vivun’s ability to solve the B2B selling problem and the strategic impact it can have on businesses that choose to partner with them. By providing intelligent insights and actionable plans based on their clients’ unique predicaments, Vivun can tailor its solutions for true business outcomes and drive measurable returns for their customers—investment proving worthwhile for everyone involved.

Vivun’s Future

Vivun is ushering in a new era of B2B selling with its recent $75M Series C funding. The company is setting out to revolutionise how we think about the B2B sales process. With its innovative approach, Vivun is poised to become the leader in transforming how businesses market and sell their products and services.

Let’s take a look at what Vivun has planned for its future.

Vivun’s plans for the future

Vivun is committed to driving meaningful change in B2B selling. With the recent $75M Series C funding, Vivun is poised to chart new waters and become a major force in transforming how B2B sales and marketing are approached.

The company’s plans for the future include:

• Redesigning the overall customer experience – making it easier to connect with customers and prospects, obtain feedback, create and close deals, be more efficient and effective with sales cycles, increasing customer engagement and personalization across every step in the buying process.

• Enhancing sales automation – providing intuitive digital tools that enable sales reps to do their job faster and more effectively, so they can focus on what matters most – building relationships with their customers. By leveraging artificial intelligence technology, Vivun’s intelligent digital assistant – Intelligence Automation (IA) – can accurately predict customer needs, enabling reps to respond quickly with relevant recommendations that increase conversion rates.

• Expanding our product portfolio – creating industry-specific “program templates” that allow companies to quickly scale their programmatics efforts up or down as needed. The introduction of bespoke products provides higher quality experiences tailored to each business’s needs while improving speed, scalability and cost savings through automating manual tasks such as account reconciliation or claims management processes.

Vivun is utilising its innovative AI-powered platforms to provide best-in-class services like dynamic pricing programs; automated inventory monitoring; cross-channel execution of campaigns; performance optimization algorithms; profitable ROI models; automated user segmentation protocols; etc., all while delivering insights at machine speed allowing businesses to be faster than ever before while personalising marketing efforts across channels for maximum impact.

Vivun’s potential to revolutionise B2B selling

Vivun has recently raised $75M Series C to transform B2B selling as we know it. This innovative tool seeks to seize all the opportunities technology promises to streamline, simplify, accelerate and analyse sales processes.

By providing visibility into previous engagements, real-time analytics on current customers and opportunities, and predictive sales journey simulations, Vivun has the potential to revolutionise B2B selling.

The series C round was backed by venture capital firms such as Spark Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners and CRV. These investors have provided Viviun with resources and support to strengthen its position in the industry and accelerate its progress towards this transformation goal. In addition, this funding has enabled Viviun to further develop its powerful suite of analytics tools for sales process optimization, customer segmentation and lead enrichment.

These advancements make it possible for companies to identify new customer prospects more quickly than ever before — helping them create personalised experiences that increase brand loyalty and repeat business transactions with existing customers. In addition, Vivun enables sales agents to intervene strategically to reduce customer churn or increase cross-sell success rate when needed.

What sets Vivun apart is its unique approach — leveraging deep insights into past customer behaviour and predictive data analysis to better predict future outcomes — allowing them to tailor their interactions accordingly using automation tools wherever possible. For example, with the help of machine learning algorithms Vivun can provide accurate forecasts on how likely prospects are likely be customers after feedback is received early in the conversation flow which allows teams optimization decisions they were previously unable too or too slow too make in time for anything other than reactive marketing strategies earlier on in the process. The result? Higher conversions rates across target audiences all while reducing agent fatigue from long lead times for campaigns that are not successful.