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How to Promote a Home Decor Blog?

Instagram has an endless amount of communities in it – lifestyle bloggers, health bloggers, travel bloggers, and home decor/improvement bloggers are probably the biggest ones of them. These are the themes that apply to everybody, and this is why people are in constant search of new information on the subject. If you’re aiming to run your own blog here, this article is for you: we’re going to tell how to promote a home decor blog on Instagram via paid services, such as a chance to take on Instagram followers, what benefits these bring and why you shouldn’t rely on the free options if you have your aims set high.

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on the Free Options

If you’re here to advertise something and sell it (it can be content about how to decorate the home, how to improve some systems and parts of it, and so on), you should understand that free options are going to take too much of your precious time which you could be spending on more important things. For example, generating content (free and paid), communicating with your audience, and proving that your blog stands out of the row of lookalikes are important.

Such things as follow for follow and like for like have gone to the past for sure, but, for example, commenting and activity chats are still here – but you should remember that both of those give exclusively permanent results, which should be replaced with real results afterward. We wouldn’t recommend you spend any of your time trying to attract people’s attention like that, and it won’t bring anything good to you. Leave your stereotypes about promotion on IG behind the door at the very start, and prepare to put a dollar into your page’s growth.

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Why Purchase Subscribers at the Very Beginning of Your Way on the Platform

Because this is the best time to do so, paid options, like an opportunity to buy real Instagram followers from Viplikes, can really help with building up a base for future moves; if your page has over 10 thousand subs, lots of likes under each publication and adequately written comments, people won’t have any donuts about your content’s quality. But if things are otherwise, you might risk losing some random viewers who could become your subscribers.

This is why we’d recommend taking on as many subs as you think you need at the very start: this way, you will save yourself lots of time, nerve, and money.

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What to Do After You’ve Purchased Subs

Now you’re ready to add targeted ads and PR from bloggers to the game! People are going to definitely subscribe to you because your page has enough weight and proof of its value – you can spend money on target without a doubt and contact bloggers who work in your field but are currently more popular than you: they can tell about your profile on their page for money and guide people to the new resource of interesting content.

If you have time for that, you can also dig into free PR – it has to be mutual, so you’d have to spend some time talking about other people on your page too. It is possible if you’ve already gained several thousand subs on IG – this level allows you to freely collaborate with people and offer them exchanges and conjoin the audiences both of you have.