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What the future looks like for UrbanPiper and restaurant tech

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In an article on The Home Trotters, the future of UrbanPiper and restaurant technology is explored. UrbanPiper, a leading technology provider for the restaurant industry, is poised to shape the future of the sector. The article discusses how UrbanPiper’s innovative solutions are revolutionizing the way restaurants operate and interact with customers. One interesting aspect highlighted in the article is the integration of offers from online casinos in Australia. This collaboration adds a unique dimension to the restaurant tech landscape, providing customers with exciting incentives while dining out. To learn more about the future of UrbanPiper and the evolving restaurant tech industry, you can visit The Home Trotters.

UrbanPiper is an omnichannel platform that helps restaurants modernise their operations and better serve customers. It enables restaurants to manage their online orders, customer loyalty programs, analytics, and delivery services more effectively.

Recently, UrbanPiper raised $24M from investors including Swiggy, Zomato, and others. So let’s take a closer look at what this means for the future of the restaurant tech industry.

UrbanPiper Raises $24M From Investors Including Swiggy, Zomato

UrbanPiper is a Bengaluru-based technology start-up that builds enterprise grade software for independent restaurants and retail stores. The company has developed an omni-channel platform that allows merchants to gain better control over their inventory, operations, and customer experience. UrbanPiper’s technology platform enables businesses to manage their fulfilment demand from multiple sources like delivery aggregators, in-store orders, call center orders or ecommerce orders with the same technology. In addition, the platform provides multi-location and multi-brand capabilities, enabling customers to manage multiple brands and locations on the same platform.

UrbanPiper’s solutions helps ensure that businesses have the right automation, analytics and insights across different channels. In June 2020, UrbanPiper raised $24 million Series A funds led by venture capital firm Nexus Venture Partners with participation from food delivery giants Swiggy and Zomato and existing investors Kalaari Capital and Vaibhav Domkundwar’s Better Capital. With this fund infusion, emerging brands are expected to benefit from a more comprehensive suite of software solutions from one source in restaurant management technology.

The investment will enable UrbanPiper to expand its product line further and strengthen its growing team working on artificial intelligence (AI) tools for eatery owners. It plans to launch services like predictive analytics for chefs, machine learning based demand forecasting that optimises pricing strategies through market intelligence & dynamic menu pricing categorization etc.. It will also focus more on building out its presence especially in India’s tier 2 & 3 cities where growth opportunities remain untapped.

Overview of the company’s services

UrbanPiper is a powerful restaurant management and technology platform. This state-of-the-art platform enables restaurants, hotels, food and beverage venues to streamline operations and gain more efficiency. The company also provides an end-to-end software (SaaS) service that covers the entire restaurant technology stack, from point of sale to digital ordering systems and mobile wallet integration.

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UrbanPiper provides restaurants with a suite of powerful features to help them optimise operations, increase revenue, reduce costs and stay competitive. Through UrbanPiper’s integrated suite of reliable tools for online orders (delivery/pickup/table orders), loyalty programs and analytics, restaurant owners can manage their business better through automation and real time monitoring.

The company’s data-driven platform helps them leverage insights based on customer preferences and ordering behaviours. This enables restaurants to provide personalised experiences that drive loyalty. The platform’s comprehensive reporting also allows customers to track key performance metrics such as sales channels performance tracking, order history analyses, customer segmentation analytics etc for better decision making or uncovering growth opportunities via smart recommendations engine.

Recently, the Bengaluru based technology firm announced that it has raised $24 million in a Series B investment round led by Swiggy and Zomato alongside US Venture Capitalists such as XL Ventures Fund I LLC (XLVF) & Sequoia India’s Surge Program. This funding will be utilized towards expanding the services offered by UrbanPiper and accelerating product development efforts in emerging markets across India where regulations supporting adoption of modern digital solutions lag behind mature economies like the US or Europe. With this investment, UrbanPiper emerges as one of only two global players providing an all-inclusive “front of the house” Restaurant Tech Platform for restaurants worldwide with presence in 3 continents – Asia Pacific (India), Europe & North America (United States).

Recent Investment

UrbanPiper, a restaurant technology platform, recently raised a Series B funding round of $24 million from investors including Swiggy, Zomato, and others. This investment is a testament to the company’s dedication to driving innovation and market disruption globally.

This round of funding has provided UrbanPiper with the resources to expand its customer base and accelerate its growth. Let’s look at this recent investment and how it will shape the future of UrbanPiper and restaurant technology.

Details of the recent $24M investment

UrbanPiper, the Bangalore-based restaurant automation platform has successfully closed a fundraising round with participation from investors such as Swiggy, Zomato, and Norwest Venture Partners. This $24 million investment brings the total external capital raised by the five-year-old startup to $40 million.

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This new round of funding primarily focuses on strengthening UrbanPiper’s technology capabilities and expanding its user base across geographies to support restaurants in unlocking business growth opportunities and meeting their ever-increasing customers’ demands. The investment will also focus on product innovation and development while improving accessibility of data-driven insights that streamlines overall decision making processes for restaurant owners.

This fresh capital influx is expected to escalate UrbanPiper’s mission to bridge the gap between offline retailers with online services and create a full stack revenue engine for restaurant owners within India and other parts of Asia Pacific. In addition, UrbanPiper looks forward to working closely with its existing partners; Swiggy and Zomato to continue co-innovating for the benefit of all participating F&B outlets as part of their integrated merchant platform.

Investors involved

UrbanPiper recently secured $24M from investors including Swiggy, Zomato, Hummingbird VC and Mayfield partner Siddharth Parekh. This is the first time the two leading food-tech companies have backed a company together, in line with growing collaboration across industry boundaries.

This funding will enable the company to scale their restaurant technology solutions into new markets, increase their product and engineering teams to build new technology solutions and strengthen their presence in India’s burgeoning restaurant tech market.

Swiggy has invested an undisclosed amount while Zomato has made a reported INR 60 cr ($8 million) commitment to UrbanPiper’s current round of funding. In addition, Hummingbird Venture Capital has mobilised INR 191 crore ($26 million) from Japanese investor Sofina and existing limited partners such as Softbank Ventures Asia, Chiratae Ventures, Lightspeed India and Sequoia Capital India for this series B round of funding for UrbanPiper.

UrbanPiper has also raised an angel round of INR 10 crore ($1.4 million), which was invested by Sidharth Parekh (Mayfield Partner).

Impact of the Investment

The recent $24M raise by UrbanPiper from investors including Swiggy, Zomato, and others is sure to significantly impact the restaurant tech industry.

This influx of capital is likely to fuel further innovation from the company, and help further its already impressive momentum.

This article will explore the potential effects this latest investment round will have on the restaurant tech space.

How the investment will help UrbanPiper grow

UrbanPiper, a Bangalore-based tech platform for restaurants, recently announced that it has raised $24 million from multiple investors, including Swiggy, Zomato, Maze_X and existing investors. This is part of the company’s Series B funding round and is set to fuel its expansion into new markets. UrbanPiper is an order management system that links restaurant POS systems with platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato.

This investment will enable UrbanPiper to grow further in India and beyond. The company plans to use the funding to expand its team of engineers at its research and development office in Bangalore and scale up its presence in markets abroad. It will also invest heavily in data analytics capabilities, allowing restaurants to operate more efficiently across online and offline channels. Specifically, the focus will be on providing customers a better overall experience by helping them customise orders quickly while ensuring that restaurant operations run smoothly online.

The investment signals strong confidence in the future of Restaurant tech– especially since big names such as Swiggy and Zomato have put their money behind it. This shows that they believe this technology has a high potential for disruption — but also trust in the future potential of UrbanPiper specifically. With this investment will come opportunities for accelerated growth – both geographically and technological advancements within existing markets that allow restaurant operators greater control over their business operations within an increasingly digital world.

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Potential areas of expansion

UrbanPiper aims to accelerate the shift towards a digital first restaurant or hospitality services. With their recent investment, they can potentially expand their area of operations and include multiple aspects in the digitalization of restaurants, hotels, QSRs and foodtech industry.

The new funds raised by UrbanPiper allows them to use it to explore international markets, focus more on technology, and develop existing products better. Through this additional capital, they can expand technology-enabled partnerships with Swiggy and Zomato and venture into other existing-unexplored areas such as online payments and innovations from customer experiences to stay ahead of the game.

Urbanpiper also looks set to broaden its product suite for restaurants/pubs and quick-service restaurants and polish customer-facing features like its ‘scan & pay’ solution that can potentially lay the foundations for new development in India’s restaurant tech ecosystem. By providing better cost & service experience, they are likely to drive value both for customers & restaurant owners alike.

Future of UrbanPiper

Recently, restaurant tech company UrbanPiper announced that it raised $24M from investors including Swiggy and Zomato. This news of a major investment has sparked interest in the company’s future.

In this article, we will explore the future for UrbanPiper and restaurant tech. We will look at the investments and advancements being made in the space and the potential for further growth.

Predictions on the future of restaurant tech

The restaurant industry is currently experiencing rapid changes and growth. Due to the rise of mobile technology, there has been an increase in demand for restaurants to adopt new technologies to remain competitive in today’s market. In recent years, restaurant tech innovations, such as online reservations and online ordering platforms, have drastically altered the consumer expectations of restaurants.

UrbanPiper has recently secured substantial investments from investors, including Swiggy and Zomato. This move is extremely telling of the company’s intention to expand its business shortly. With the funds raised by UrbanPiper, many predictions can be made regarding what lies ahead for restaurant tech:

– The development of “Ghost Kitchens” will become increasingly popular in urban environments as they offer an efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants; – More restaurants and delivery services will begin using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to optimise operations; – Large groups of data will be analysed through AI that can then be used for targeted promotions; – Online payment technologies such as “tap & go” payments will become more available allowing customers to pay with ease; – Cloud storage solutions will allow greater access and transparency into businesses’ processes; and – Multi System Operator platforms like UrbanPiper’s MES will provide end-to-end solutions across different channels at scale.

These advancements have already started occurring within the industry – indicating that these predictions may soon become a reality. Furthermore, it is clear that with the considerable amount of investments made by both investors and companies alike into restaurant tech, there are huge opportunities for growth in this industry very soon.

How UrbanPiper will shape the future of the industry

UrbanPiper, an India-based technology platform enabling restaurants to digitise their operations, just raised $24 million in Series B funding. This investment round was led by investing companies such as Swiggy and Zomato, and included new investors such as Lightspeed India and Sequoia Capital India. This capital will accelerate their mission of creating a restaurant technology platform that restores human connection with businesses.

This news reinforces the trend of digital transformation in the hospitality industry over the last decade – mostly driven by consumer demand for convenience and efficiency in the restaurant experience. The past few years have seen significant investments in technologies such as restaurant marketing, delivery & logistics optimization, cloud-kitchens, customer loyalty programmes, inventory-auditing etc., paving way for a better future in this hugely disrupted industry.

Previously a ‘behind-the-scenes’ process, UrbanPiper believes that restaurateurs should embrace and lead this transformation process. That’s why UrbanPiper allows restaurants to manage all functions at one platform – POS (Point of Sale) systems and third-party marketplaces (including food delivery/takeout/CSAT), CRM & loyalty programmes, online ordering & payment platforms etc. By integrating these different platforms into one comprehensive offering that modernises core functions like customer management or order execution – UrbanPiper will help optimise existing processes that ultimately transform customer experiences within restaurants.

As part of our mission to ‘restore human connection’ we simultaneously strive towards providing better & more meaningful connections to customers through data insights extracted from digitising processes within each business point (like knowing customer order history). In addition, we provide insights about customer preferences on our analysis dashboard so that teams can make more informed decisions based on data generated from our predictive analytics engine .

By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and big data principles , UrbanPiper’s artificial intelligence engine analyse more than 11 TB of aggregated data every month to predict trends in ordering patterns across geographies – allowing restaurateurs access to actionable insights which can then trigger highly effective marketing campaigns. By harnessing technology we are able power Restaurants with omni channel order management tools backed by robust supply chain management solutions while equally providing customers personalised dining experiences made easier with intelligent menu pricing strategies and greater level of customizations offered at merchants end– resulting in significant growth opportunities for businesses working within the space.