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Ways On How To Cut Acrylic Tube

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Acrylic tubing is a robust and malleable material that’s frequently used in surgical equipment, building construction, and PC water cooling kits. If you’re dealing with acrylic tubing, there’s a good chance you’ll need to cut it several times to make it fit. Naturally, you won’t want to break or damage the tube, so you’re probably unsure how to go about doing it. Fortunately, this is a simpler process than you might believe! We’re here to help with any questions you may have so that you can complete this project without difficulty.

Is it possible to cut acrylic tubing with a handsaw?

Yes, any saw can be used on acrylic as long as it is fine-toothed.

There are several types of handsaws and hacksaws on the market, all of which are acceptable tools for cutting acrylic tubing. A fine-toothed saw is ideal because it minimizes the risk of tearing the plastic while you’re cutting and provides a cleaner cut.

● Place the circular saw on its left side. Place the tubing on top of it and adjust until it is level. The first cut should be made approximately 1/2 inch from one end of the tube, creating a “t” shape.

● When you cut, don’t apply excessive pressure because the tube might be broken. Simply rock the saw back and forth while it works its way through the tube.

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Is it possible to use a tube cutter on acrylic tubing?

Yes, acrylic may also be trimmed this way.

A pipe or tube cutter is a popular way to cut PVC pipe. It may also be used on acrylic tubing if it fits around the entire tube.

● Remove the label from the carton if necessary, place it on a flat surface, and trace around the tube with a marker. Lightly clip the cutter around the tube at the location you want to cut. Score the surface of the tube by rotating the cutter. Continue turning and tightening until you’ve severed through all of the tube’s layers.

● Acrylic tube cutting kits generally contain a tube cutter as the primary tool. These tools are also available from several acrylic manufacturers.

● If you’re cutting an acrylic tube with a tube cutter, make sure it’s made for big pipes. If yours doesn’t fit the tube, upgrade to a bigger model or saw it yourself.

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Is it possible to cut the tube with a pipe cutter?

Yes, as long as you don’t crush the tube.

A pipe cutter is a hand tool that resembles a pair of garden shears and is used to cut piping or tubing. This instrument can also be used on acrylic tubes, but proceed with caution and move slowly. If you clip the tubing too rapidly, you’ll crush it and won’t fit into your fixtures.

Place the tubing in the cutter at the location you wish to cut, then rest it there. Rotate the tube and score it using a sharp instrument. Close the cutter gradually until you reach through the entire tube with it.

● Thin acrylic tubing is more prone to breakage if you cut it unevenly. To get the nicest slice feasible, take your time when cutting.

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