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From Drab to Fab: Choosing the Right Bathroom Accessories

When it comes to home decor, the right accessories can help transform the ambiance of the room and achieve the desirable style. But when it comes to the bathroom, accessories can do more than that – they can also contribute to the overall comfort and functionality of the space by keeping your toiletries and other essentials organised, ensuring that the area remains neat and uncluttered.

Below are some great tips that you can use to help ensure that you have all the accessories you need in your bathroom and nothing you don’t.

Consider the Style of Your Bathroom

One of the first things to consider when shopping for bathroom accessories is your bathroom’s overall theme or style. Look for options that complement the style and decor of your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some popular bathroom styles and the accessories that go with them:


Modern bathrooms are often characterized by minimalistic design, theme consistency, and a focus on practicality.

Accessories made of stainless steel or chrome, such as towel bars and corner shelves, will work wonders for this setting.


Traditional bathrooms generally include elegant fixtures and classic designs. Choose accessories that match the opulent look of the elements. Accessories with a vintage charm will be perfect to enhance the whole atmosphere.


Minimalist bathrooms emphasize simplicity and practicality. To make extra space in the bathroom, look for sleek, unobtrusive items such as wall-mounted holders and corner shelving.

Geometric Contours

If you’re the kind of person who likes more geometric shapes, there are numerous options for oblong, cuboidal and round designs for you to choose from. To give the bathroom a uniform overall look, choose accessories with similar shapes.

Choose a Material

Your budget and lifestyle will determine the best material to choose for your accessories. Ideally, you’ll want to achieve a balance between durability and cost. Opting for cheap items often means compromising long-term reliability. Keep in mind that certain materials are easier to clean than others, so take into account how much time and effort you’ll be able to put into taking good care of your bathroom accessories.


Cheap accessories and bathroom kits are usually made from plastic.

It can be a good short-term solution but under heavy, everyday use, it tends to break more easily than other materials.


Although these materials are more fragile and more susceptible to accidental harm, their distinct look makes them a worthy addition to any design scheme.


Stainless steel accessories for bathrooms tend to come with a higher price tag, but they also offer long-lasting reliability and greater durability. They work well in a modern interior design scheme as well as in men’s bathrooms.

Consider Functionality

Never bring home something you will not need or use. Some items are pleasing to the eye but serve no purpose. So, before you buy that luxurious accessory, think about how often you’ll use it. If it will simplify your morning ritual and improve the aesthetics of your bathroom, you’ve found a functional product.

Popular Bathroom Accessories

A wide range of accessories for bathrooms are available on the market. Here are the most common ones to add style and functionality to your bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror

The bathroom mirror, which usually sits above the vanity, is an excellent place to begin when it comes to using an accessory that complements the bathroom’s design. Rectangle or square-shaped frameless mirrors make a great addition to modern bathrooms whereas a Victorian mirror would have a more complex, elaborate design appropriate for traditional bathroom designs.


Mirrors can also be strategically placed in a bathroom to create the illusion of depth and space by reflecting lights or other items, giving the impression of an extension of the area.  Nature’s colors can also be brought into the bathroom by using the mirror to reflect the surrounding vegetation and sky.

Soap Holders

If you like to use bar soap in the bathroom, you’ll need a soap dish to keep the place near the sink neat. Nothing is more unsightly and unsanitary than leaving a damp bar of soap on the counter next to your faucet. Utilizing a soap dish will keep your bar of soap organized and the rest of your bathroom counter tidy. Choose a soap dish with drainage slits to let the soap dry after each use.

If you prefer liquid soap, a pump soap dispenser is the ideal bathroom accessory. There are numerous soap pump models available in a variety of materials, but they all serve the same purpose: to keep liquid soap in a container that suits your décor rather than a commercial bottle with a brand name and aroma inscribed across it.

Towel Rails

Towel racks contribute to a tidy and well-organized bathroom. Install them where you think they will be most useful, such as next to the sink area and by the shower or bathtub. There are several varieties of both single and double rails available on the market.

Heated towel rails add a nice touch to the bathroom, creating a clutter-free space while offering delightful warm towels in the winter.

Robe Hook

Hooks keep things in order by ensuring that everything has a place.  Current designs offer a variety of hooks, ranging from sharp modern to gently contoured classical styles.

Glass Shelves

Need more space?  The glass shelf offers an ideal solution.  It is sleek and compact, allowing you to easily access the most commonly used washroom toiletries.


The glass shelf, like all bathroom accessories, serves both functional and ornamental purposes, contributing to the overall beauty of the bathroom setting.

Shower or Bath Caddy

Keeping toiletries in a single place, whether for the shower or the bath, is crucial for a relaxing experience, and the shower or bath caddy helps you to accomplish exactly that.  Bath caddies may even include a book holder, allowing you to not only keep your essentials close at hand but also enjoy this time out with your favorite book.

Bathroom Tray

The bathroom tray, which may be purchased independently or as part of a set, is an essential addition that is often forgotten. Its function is simple: keep different items organized in a single place.

It’s a versatile accessory that can be used to contain everything from soap, flossers, and toothpaste on the bathroom counter to paper tissue, matches, or an air freshener on the top of the toilet basin. You can use smaller trays to hold a few items or larger trays to store a larger variety of items in one spot. The options are many.