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Chic Bedroom Accessories That Add Style and Elegance


It is said that the interior decor of a home is a reflection of the occupants, and many homeowners love nothing more than creating the desired ambiance in every room. Accessories come in many forms, and if you are looking to add a touch of style and elegance to your bedroom, here are some excellent accessories to consider for your favorite room.

  • Bedding – A silk bedsheet with a super king quilt cover of a matching color would make the bed a central feature. With a leading Australian bedding retailer that sells at trade prices, you can create a relaxing, luxurious ambiance. If you order 2 sets, you always have a clean set ready. 100% cotton is a popular choice of bedding, and buying quality bedding ensures product longevity.
  • Lace canopy – An exquisite piece of lace, clever use of adhesive tape, and nylon fishing line can transform your bedroom, giving the room a four-poster look, which makes for an excellent statement piece. You could build a timber frame to make it look medieval; there’s no limit to what you can with soft, pastel fabrics.
  • Sofa and relaxation corner – A stylist leather sofa and a small coffee table offer you an alternative to sprawling on the bed. A pair of Art Deco table lamps would make for an ideal reading corner with some large cushions and a nice rug underfoot.
  • Textured wallpaper – There are stunning examples of texture wallpaper and Google can help you find a leading Australian supplier. Browse their huge catalogue and choose something that works with your design concept. A single wall would make for a stark contrast, with cool pampas grass as a backdrop.
  • Sleep under the stars – You can order a starry ceiling kit that, when set up, leaves you with a starry view; there are two ways of doing this, one involves a black sheet with lots of pinholes to let in light from above, while the other is to stick fluorescent stars on a black ceiling. Imagine laying back and drifting off to sleep while star gazing! Starry ceilings are perfect for kids bedrooms, but there’s no reason that adults can’t enjoy sleeping under the stars! Google ‘starry ceilings’ and enjoy browsing the many sites that sell starry accessories for the bedroom.
  • Wall art – You might prefer a couple of landscape oil paintings or a few abstract prints; search online for Australia’s leading online wall art supplier and browse their incredible catalogue of fine art for all occasions. Take a look at the four walls in your bedroom and see if you can find a bare expanse that is waiting for the right wall art.

The bedroom is a place for softness and luxury and by using some creativity, you can create a special place that is more than just a sleeping area. The transformation doesn’t have to happen overnight