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Benefits Of Having Foam Spray Insulation In Your Home

Foam spray insulation is formed by combining isocyanate and polyurethane materials. The materials are sprayed together using a spray foam gun to create a hardened substance. This combination expands and dries to fit the area your contractor is working on.

Spray foam insulation is suitable for homes or commercial buildings, and it doesn’t matter if the building is old or new. It’s a proper guard against mildew and mold.

There are two types of foam spray insulation. One is the open-cell foam which is lighter in density. The second type is closed-cell foam which is dense and rigid. Here are some benefits of insulating your home using foam spray insulation.

Saves energy bills

You can reduce utility bills by choosing a more dependable heating and cooling system. Foam spray insulation helps seal the gaps, cracks, and holes in your home. It blocks cold air and moisture is blocked during the cold season, making your house warmer. Additionally, during the hot season, spray foam insulation regulates the temperature by deterring extra heat. Over the years, foam spray insulation does not change or wear out.

Improves comfort

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Foam spray insulation upgrades your home and makes it more comfortable by keeping it dry and warm. This is a result of the airtight seal created initially. You can be certain the temperature will be uniformly the same throughout the year. To have long-lasting better results hire a professional to help with the insulation.

Long lasting

Initially, foam spray insulation may be expensive. Other insulation options like fiberglass and Styrofoam are less expensive but sag and break over time. That means you will need to do a replacement at some point. That’s not the case with foam spray insulation, it is durable and needs no replacement. Do you want to save money? Well, foam spray is the right choice.

It hinders moisture

Water can drip into your house through cracks, holes, and gaps. This water can be destructive and the insulation may need to be replaced. After foam spray is sprayed on the cracks and openings. It hardens, fits perfectly and it takes the shape that is required. This leaves no room for moisture or water to enter your house. It’s important to note that foam spray is impermeable to water.

Prevents pollen and allergens

The most common allergens include dust, pollen, mold, and mildew among others. These allergens can enter your home through the cracks in the walls. Foam spray blocks air from outside from entering your house. Foam spray lessens allergic conditions such as asthma caused by allergens. Meaning fewer or no frequent visits to the doctor. And the best news, no harmful chemicals are emitted by foam spray.

Keeps away rodents, insects, and bugs

Small pests, insects, bugs, and rodents may enter the house through cracks, holes, and openings. Open cell foam spray is the best insulation choice to seal cracks and holes. It leaves no space for insects and bugs to build a warm breading nest. All the small holes that rodents love will be completely closed. You also don’t have to worry about bad smells and diseases caused by rodents’ waste.


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Are you concerned about keeping your environment green? One thing about spray foam is it’s environmentally friendly. It Protects the environment hence creating the green effect. Spray foam is durable and, therefore, reduces carbon footprint by saving energy. Spray foam is a good choice because it lasts longer and uses few materials. It will serve you for decades without opting for replacement.

Reduces noise

You would feel distracted if the neighbors were always noisy. You could also be living near a very busy, noisy street. Open cell spray foam is good at hindering sounds; therefore a good choice. Foam spray insulation soundproofs your walls, hence reducing noise from the outside.


To improve and upgrade your home consider the benefits of spray foam insulation. During the cold winter season, it will keep your house warm. It does not emit harmful chemicals. Therefore it is safe for your family. If you’ve been struggling with allergies and respiratory conditions, foam spray insulation can help reduce them, not forgetting it saves your utility bills. Finally, this form of insulation improves the air quality of your house and keeps pests, bugs, and rodents away.