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The Investments of Mubadala Investment Company

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Worried about investing your hard earned money? You’re not alone!

Mubadala Investment Company provides a safe and secure platform for making investments. Discover how this world renowned organisation is leading the way in successful investments and learn how you can gain from their expertise.

Introduction to Mubadala Investment Company

Mubadala Investment Company is an Abu Dhabi-based, state-owned investment company that seeks to generate sustainable economic and social returns. It invests globally in asset classes such as private equity, public equities, fixed income, real estate and infrastructure and has a worldwide network of long-term investments. Since its establishment in 2017, Mubadala Investment Company has been dedicated to achieving profitable outcomes for investors while supporting the development needs of the United Arab Emirates and related communities.

Mubadala Investment Company operates under Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s direction as Chairman of the Board of Directors to develop a diversified portfolio across traditional and alternative asset classes including private equity, public equities, venture capital, credits/fixed income investments and real estate/infrastructure projects. The company’s investments extend across Abu Dhabi through Mubadala Development Company as well as regional portfolios in Saudi Arabia (Amanat), Egypt (Emaar Misr), Qatar (Qitaf) United Kingdom (Virgin Money Holding Plc) China (United Eastern) India (LendingKart Finance Ltd.), Indonesia (GAMA Group), Mexico (Base SA de CV).

Mubadala Investment Company operates under a conservative investing approach focusing on long-term value creation for its shareholders. The organisation takes pride in providing capital resources for UAE companies operating internationally and pursuing financial co-investment opportunities with experienced international partners. By managing risk at all levels – from origination to execution – Mubadala reinforces its strong capital returns strategies and successfully identifies growth opportunities for new projects.

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About Mubadala Investment Company

Mubadala Investment Company is based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Government of Abu Dhabi that manages the emirate’s diversified investments across the energy, aerospace, real estate, healthcare, information technology and engineering sectors. The company has a $125 billion portfolio and invests across a broad spectrum of geographies and investment vehicles including equities, derivatives, venture capital and private equity.

Mubadala Investment Company’s investment strategy emphasises long-term value creation through risk management, operational diligence and strategy implementation while focusing on investing in sound businesses that exhibit simple economic logic. Mubadala’s investment strategy aims to maximise returns over the long term by creating financial value through capital appreciation; increasing cash flow; growing asset base; enhancing income distributions; reducing costs; introducing new products and services.

The company follows three strategic approaches when making decisions related to their investments:

Concentration Strategies: Mubadala focuses their resources on industries where it can build market leading positions with strong fundamentals for competitive advantage.

Patient Investing: The company invests over the long term with patience in order to capitalise on opportunities rather than reacting to short term market conditions.

Global Footprint: Mubadala seeks to invest geographically diversely to generate returns from different markets worldwide.

Investment Portfolio

Mubadala Investment Company is a strategic investment firm, powering new growth opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. We have built an increasingly diversified portfolio of primarily listed investments and direct investments that span traditional and alternative asset classes.

Our investment team has developed deep expertise across infrastructure, energy, technology, industry, financial services and healthcare by developing long-term partnerships with leading international companies.

We look for investments that will meet our overall financial objectives and the strategic development needs of Abu Dhabi. Through active participation on boards and other engagement mechanisms we help to maximise returns while providing world-class governance throughout our portfolio.

Our diverse portfolio consists of a range of public markets investments such as securities traded on exchanges worldwide and direct investments in private companies held through Mubadala Investment Company subsidiaries that provide ownership stakes in these businesses. In addition, our statutory authority includes permission to invest in any sector within any equity or debt security through various instruments including derivatives.

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Benefits of Investing with Mubadala

Mubadala Investment Company provides a range of benefits for investors. These include the following:

• Access to global markets – As a global investor, Mubadala has direct access to some of the world’s most promising growth markets and over 35 countries. This allows investors to capitalise on exciting opportunities worldwide in developed and emerging economies.

• Professional advice and experience – With its experienced team of specialist advisors and professionals, Mubadala is well-positioned to understand and evaluate investment opportunities, ensuring that its investors receive returns that exceed expectations.

• Financial planning expertise – Investing with Mubadala means working with an experienced team of financial advisors who can help develop tailored strategies and objectives to meet individual financial goals.

• A diversified portfolio – Using its access to global markets, Mubadala can create a diversified portfolio across multiple countries and asset classes, enabling investors to protect their capital against single-asset risks and macroeconomic volatility.

• Low maintenance costs – By leveraging strong relationships with international partners, Mubadala can keep cost structures low for its investors; this ensures more value for money in their investments.

Risk Management Strategies

Mubadala Investment Company (Mubadala) is a global investment company with operations across the globe. Established in 2002 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Mubadala is committed to managing investment risk through innovative strategies and processes.

The company has developed an integrated approach to risk management, which includes identifying, managing and monitoring different types of risks associated with investments and related activities. This involves using various tools such as market analysis, valuation disciplines and portfolio optimization methodologies to help manage exposure to financial markets and asset classes. Additionally, Mubadala promotes better decision-making by employing rigorous research techniques and continued professional development, while applying due diligence procedures that conform to best practice standards with external consultation when required.

Mubadala’s risk management strategies include portfolio diversification which helps control overall exposure; continuous monitoring of all positions; liquidity management which allows for efficient withdrawal or reallocation of assets; hedging which helps reduce overall market risks; hedging instruments for reducing volatility of returns on direct investments when their value changes based on the business direction; independent financial advisors who provide independent perspectives on investment opportunities; credit enhancement techniques such as derivatives used for increasing creditworthiness when making investments in areas that have higher levels of capital requirements; dynamic hedging strategy that reduces downside exposure in a rapidly changing market environment by acquiring options on derivatives or short selling stocks/ETFs; reporting frameworks designed to ensure timely alerts about new developments/changes in markets or portfolios enabling better control over risk exposures.

Impact Investing

Mubadala Investment Company has long been at the forefront of responsible investing, regularly reviewing, tweaking and expanding its approach to ensure it is aligned with the latest principles and technologies, while capturing maximum impact. The company’s Impact Investing program is one example. Launched in 2018, the program targets investments with a positive environmental or social benefit beyond that expected from financial returns alone.

The potential for Impact Investing to create meaningful change is significant in areas where significant inequality persists. Therefore, Mubadala Investment Company focuses its Impact Investing on fragile and conflict-affected countries needing creative solutions that can scale across sectors ranging from agriculture and healthcare to education and finance.

These investments are made through Impact Funds, which actively seek opportunities to increase access to capital and financial services for women entrepreneurs, smallholder farmers and refugees who struggle to obtain basic services amid complex political realities in their home countries. Mubadala Investment Company has taken part in several initiatives focused on expanding access to clean water or renewable energy sources where resources may be scarce due to climate or conflict. Other projects aim to develop an enabling business environment that reaches poorer segments of society by addressing regulatory changes or tackling infrastructure constraints.

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Mubadala’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Mubadala Investment Company is committed to corporate social responsibility. As one of the region’s leading investors, the company strives to maintain its reputation as a responsible and proactive corporate citizen, while helping to secure a better future for the generations that come after it. Mubadala’s corporate social responsibility takes many forms ranging from investments in education and healthcare, to contributions towards protecting the environment, local communities, and advancing global economic cooperation.

The company understands that its success relies on long-term investments that benefit society as a whole and works to promote economic inclusion through various initiatives such as:

  • Sponsorship of cultural events such as Gilda’s Club UAE International Women’s Day Celebration
  • Investments in youth educational programs such as the Arab Hope Makers program
  • Educational projects supporting Emirati women
  • Partnering with organisations to address child abandonment issues including COYA Qatar’s mission.
  • Partnering with international non-profits such as UNICEF and Plan International to improve access to quality healthcare across Africa.
  • Donation of life support equipment through Operation Life Support -Pakistan project.

Mubadala also works closely with universities worldwide to create career development opportunities for their students and alumni by providing grants, scholarships, mentoring programs and industry relevant initiatives.