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How Interior Signs Improve Safety Level


Proper safety is an obligatory requirement for every space. You cannot accept any visitors or clients when you are not ready to ensure their safety. It is regulated by law and it is important to follow even the most so-thought insignificant standards. When it comes to critical situations, those standards appear to be vital. Here is a short guide on how interior signs can contribute to the safety level in a public space. The examples will clearly illustrate that safety measures should always come first.

Ensuring Authorised Access

There are specific areas, where visitors from outside should access. This is relevant for rooms with special equipment or a janitor’s room. Because of a lack of experience, visitors can damage certain equipment and get harmed by strong chemicals or other unpleasant materials. To prevent this, it is recommended to use “Employees only” signs. This way, you will warn visitors that unauthorized access can be harmful to themselves, the people around them, and the facility itself.


We recommend you buy custom information plaques. Thanks to the possibility of receiving a hand-crafted inventory from Bsign, you can write everything you wish on your “Staff only” sign. This will help to communicate a certain message more clearly to a wide audience.

Informing About Internal Rules

One of the most effective ways to ensure proper safety in a public space is to inform visitors about potentially harmful activities that are prohibited in the area.


The following types of prohibitory signs might appear useful:

  • No smoking: A single cigarette can lead to a fire alarm going off. Besides, a cigarette itself might lead to a potentially dangerous situation. In most public spaces, smoking is strictly forbidden and this rule is displayed in the form of “No smoking signs”.
  • No photography: In places with the strictest security measures, like police stations, custody facilities, or military facilities, photography might be forbidden. However, not all visitors are aware of this. To avoid further complications and frustration, it’s better to have visitors informed by means of a simple prohibitory sign.
  • No pets: Unfortunately, not all people like being around animals. This is often related to their severe allergic reactions to dogs, cats, or other pets. To prevent such unpleasant situations, inform your visitors that not everyone around them will be happy if there is a pet around.

Helping in Emergencies

Can you imagine a situation where people cannot escape a dangerous situation simply because they cannot locate the emergency or fire exit? That would be a disaster. Unfortunately, this is often the case due to management negligence. Each public space should be equipped with special directional plaques and fire extinguisher signs that help people quickly respond to emergencies most effectively. Negligence that might potentially lead to someone’s death or severe injury is a terrible crime, which is better to be prevented when there is such a possibility.