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How does UrbanPiper compare to other restaurant management platforms?

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UrbanPiper is a cloud-based restaurant management platform that helps restaurants manage their day-to-day operations.

Recently, UrbanPiper raised $24M in a Series B round, making it one of the most successful restaurant management platforms.

In this article, we will look deeper at UrbanPiper, comparing it to other restaurant management platforms to understand how it stands out in the industry.

Restaurant Management Platform UrbanPiper Raises $24M In Series B Round

UrbanPiper is a restaurant operations and delivery management platform that helps multi-brand restaurant chains scale and operate their businesses more efficiently. By integrating with multiple delivery networks, food delivery companies, third-party applications, point-of-sale systems, payment gateways, and kitchen management systems, UrbanPiper provides restaurant owners with a centralised platform to manage their online presence and streamline operational workflows.

UrbanPiper was founded in 2018 by experienced entrepreneurs Balaji Ganesan and Ganesh Srinivasan who served as executives for leading technology firms in India. Since launching its first product in May 2018, the company has grown quickly. It initially raised $6.5M seed funding from leading investors such as Accel Partners in 2019. It recently closed a $24M Series B funding round led by Sequoia India with participation from existing investor Accel Partners and new investor Zomato Group.

UrbanPiper currently operates across 33 countries worldwide with over 7200 restaurants connected to their platform including Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s India South & West regions (Has Burger King India also now), KFC South India & Delhi NCR regions , multiple brand outlets of Wellbeing Hospitality Ltd (India’s largest private chain) – Burger Singh/Sweet Truth/Truffles/Lights Camera Burger etc., Hotel Saravana Bhawan chain (largest vegetarian restaurants globally) etc., and many more. The company is also building out its Indian presence through strategic partnerships with local players such as Jumbotail and Dine Out which helps it reach out to newer customers. With the latest funding round announced today by UrbanPiper; it looks like the company is well positioned to become a leader in experimenting automated workflow optimization for multi-brand restaurants globally!

Comparison with Other Platforms

UrbanPiper, a leading restaurant management platform, recently raised $24M in a Series B round of funding.

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As the restaurant industry continues to undergo transformative changes, it’s crucial to look at the platforms available and compare them to assess the value they can offer restaurateurs.

This article will explore how UrbanPiper stands apart from its competitors.

Features & Functionality

When comparing UrbanPiper to other restaurant management platforms, it is important to consider each platform’s features and functionality. UrbanPiper has been designed to offer various features that help restaurants streamline their operations and increase efficiency. These features include:

-Automated order management system: UrbanPiper’s automated order management system allows restaurants to manage orders across multiple channels quickly and easily. Restaurants can use the system to manage orders from walk-in, online, delivery, and take-out orders all in one place.

-Integrated payment gateway: Integrating with various payment gateways, restaurants can accept payments through debit/credit cards, digital wallets, net banking, or cash on delivery (COD). This helps speed up the checkout process for customers and make transactions secure for restaurants.

-Robust analytics & reporting tool: With this comprehensive reporting tool, restaurants can track sales trends across multiple channels and gain real-time insights into customer behaviour. Restaurants can also use this information to improve the customer experience and generate more revenue.

-Inventory Management System: Restaurants can easily track inventory levels across their locations in real time with UrbanPiper’s inventory management system. This helps reduce wastage by always providing an accurate view of stock levels.

UrbanPiper allows restaurant managers to increase the efficiency of their operations by streamlining key tasks associated with restaurant management – like order processing, payments acceptance & analytics – all from a single platform!

Pricing & Value

When comparing restaurant management platforms, pricing and value are important metrics. With UrbanPiper, restaurateurs can look forward to affordable and customizable plans that meet their unique business needs and move at the same pace with them.

UrbanPiper has a tiered monthly subscription model starting from $99/month that includes one device, unlimited locations, unlimited users and other basic features such as order & delivery management, Insights & Reporting capabilities, CRM & promotions set-up. Restaurateurs looking for more advanced features such as loyalty programs or third party integrations can upgrade their plans to best suit their needs.

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UrbanPiper is a comprehensive platform that also offers operational insights and data analytics to help restaurants make better decisions based on essential data points like customer lifetime value (CLV) analysis and revenue forecasts. In addition, with its flexible integrations feature, restaurateurs can customise the platform to meet their own needs while taking advantage of several third-party services available on its platform.

UrbanPiper’s pricing model incorporates value into every tier by offering scalable solutions that make it easier for restaurants to stay ahead of the competition in catering sales channels by driving operational efficiency. In addition, this flexible solution helps pizzerias create more meaningful customer experiences through quick digital transformations across various sales channels.

Customer Support

UrbanPiper provides dedicated customer support for all its clients. Their team of professionals is willing to go the extra mile to provide you with unparalleled service and support. With UrbanPiper, you have access to a world class technical support team that can help you resolve any issues that arise quickly and effectively. You can also enjoy the convenience of live chat, which makes getting an immediate response from a team member effortless – helping you quickly resolve any operational questions or technical issues.

The UrbanPiper Customer Success Team works directly with each customer and has expertise in restaurant operations, digital ordering best practices, and integrations. Their main focus is to ensure that every customer receives personalised attention, tailored training sessions for their staff, and round-the-clock support as needed. In addition, their dedicated account managers are always available on call to ensure your restaurant runs smoothly during peak hours – providing knowledgeable advice, rapid problem resolution and timely feature updates.

UrbanPiper’s Recent Funding Round

UrbanPiper, a restaurant management platform, has raised $24 million in a Series B round. This round of funding could help the company take its restaurant management platform to a whole new level and stay ahead of the competition.

In this article, we’ll compare UrbanPiper to other restaurant management platforms, so you can decide if this investment is worth it.

Overview of the Series B Round

UrbanPiper, a restaurant management platform based out of India, recently closed a $24M Series B funding round led by Insight Partners and Tiger Global. This brings the total capital raised by UrbanPiper to $41M since its founding in 2015.

UrbanPiper helps restaurant owners in the food & beverage sector manage operations across delivery channels with the help of a suite of integrated solutions. The aim is to make running restaurants easier by allowing owners to control day-to-day operations from one platform, rather than using multiple software solutions for different tasks. This is a valuable convenience for modern food & beverage businesses that must juggle takeout, cashless payments, and contactless delivery. It also helps operators save time since they no longer have to spend time logging into multiple systems which do not always easily integrate.

The Series B Round proceeds are being used for product expansion, including expanding Human Capital Management (HCM), Cashier profitability, and Commodity Procurement Management solutions for F&B operators. In addition, the round will allow UrbanPiper to reach more customers globally and completely change how restaurants manage their end-to-end workflows – from ordering to Payments and staffing – while increasing overall efficiency.

Impact of the Funding on UrbanPiper

UrbanPiper, a restaurant management platform, recently raised $24 million in their Series B funding round. UrbanPiper is a business-to-business SaaS platform with clients ranging from medium and large food delivery companies to local coffee shops and restaurants. The funding will be used to expand their services, including comprehensive restaurant operation and delivery products and order management solutions.

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The additional capital will allow UrbanPiper to launch in new markets, invest in product development, expand its network and hire additional personnel. With this funding round, the company aims to strengthen its presence across India while expanding worldwide through investment in technology innovation within the restaurant management sector.

This recent development highlights the growing demand for cloud computing services driven by individuals wanting convenient access to online food ordering platforms. By providing insights into customer patterns and trends it empowers restaurants with data intelligence enabling them to take decisions that optimises operations costs and enhances customer satisfaction. This recent funding round is a testament to the industry’s faith in UrbanPiper’s potential to revolutionise the entire restaurant space through cutting-edge technology solutions.