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Factors to Consider When Building Your Dream Home From Scratch


We all dream of owning our ideal home, but this process may be easier for some than for others.  Since getting on the property ladder is difficult these days, simply owning a home and decorating it to your own taste is enough achievement for most. However,  others aspire to build their own home from scratch on an empty plot, which is where things can become more complicated.

Although building your dream home from the ground up is certainly an exciting prospect, some knowledge of the construction process and management of a building project is important. Building a home from scratch is a costly affair, so it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the process before taking the plunge and getting started on any  major construction project:

Hire an Architect

Unlike doing a straightforward property revamp, embarking on a construction project means you’ll need a qualified building designer or architect rather than just a team of laborers. A good architect should have the skills to take your ideas and make your dream home a reality. They will also manage your expectations and tell you when something isn’t feasible.  Having a good architect by your side will ensure the project is completed within your set budget and time frame.

Get Your Finances in Order

You must sit down with your architect and make sure you fully understand the cost breakdown before you commence construction.


Having some cushioning within your budget is also important to allow for any unforeseen expenses.

Getting Planning Permission

Once you have an idea of the structure you want to build and the scope of the construction project, you’ll need to get consent for your particular home from the relevant authorities. Planning permission usually comes with conditions attached, from the height of the building to the type of machinery you are allowed to hire from a heavy-duty part supplier.

Establish the Terms of the Construction Project

On average, constructing a home can take between two to six months, depending on the property size and the construction system. In terms of the success of a project, deadlines are incredibly important.  


It is up to the architect and construction team to realistically manage a client’s expectations and ensure that the project is executed to the highest level. Communication is also integral here as the client will always need to be kept in the loop as to the progress of their home construction.


 Building a home from scratch is often easier said than done. While being able to control every feature on the design of your home is great, this won’t always be the case in reality. From zoning regulations to budgetary constraints, you’ll still need to be willing to compromise somewhere down the line. However, suppose you’ve invested adequate time and effort into doing the necessary research and have managed your expectations correctly. In that case, it will all be worth it once your well-planned dream home becomes a reality.