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What Shading Systems Are Perfect For South Facing Windows

If you’re updating your home’s décor this year, you should spend some time focusing on your home’s shading; a good shading system can change the look of any room for the better. But one area of your home which you should really focus on shading is rooms with South facing windows.

To discover the best ways to shade the South facing windows in your home, we spoke to the shading experts at to find out what the experts recommend.

Why Is Shading South Facing Windows Important?

You should put some thought into the shading for any South facing windows in your home because of how the Sun moves throughout the day, East facing windows will get direct sunlight during the morning as the Sun rises, West facing windows will get direct sunlight in the evening as the Sun sets, but South facing windows will receive direct sunlight for most of the day time.

As South facing windows will get direct sunlight pretty much all day, it is important that you correctly shade it. Otherwise, the continuous direct sunlight through the window will make your home uncomfortably warm. This is why this article will help you explore your options when it comes to shading your home’s South facing windows.


Curtains are a basic window shading system that most homeowners are familiar with. Curtains are made up of a large piece of fabric hanging from a horizontal pole above a window to shade it. Unfortunately, while curtains will provide a decent level of shade to a room, they aren’t incredibly effective at negating the heating effect of a South facing window.

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While curtains aren’t ideal for use in South facing windows, they can still be used; just be sure to use a curtain with favorable attributes that may help reduce the amount of heat that passes through the window, such as using a thick blackout fabric on your curtains.


Unlike curtains, which have a simple and universal design, blinds come in wide varieties, all of which have different uses and purposes, which means that there are many blinds that will work well in a South facing window; you just need to ensure that you select a blind type which will suit your needs.

For South facing windows, you will want a blind made up of solid fabric, such as a roller blind or roman blind, as these blinds will fully cover the window and impede light and heat from passing through. Alternatively, you could look at window blinds with extra layers of fabric that can help provide additional shadings, such as double roller blinds or blinds with solar reflective backing.


Window shutters are a type of window shade that is incredibly popular in warmer climates thanks to their ability to stop heat and unwanted light from entering a home via the windows. These window shutters are commonly made of two wooden panels which close over a window and have adjustable slats in the panel to let in the fresh air.

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As shutters are designed for use in warm countries, they’re incredibly effective when used in South facing windows in residential settings. You can install your shutters internally or externally. Still, they’re most effective when installed outside a window, as they can prevent light and heat from entering the window and create a greenhouse effect.